Created in 2011 by Joran Briand and Arnaud Berthereau, the studio operates in the fields of interior, object and graphic design. Its philosophy is very simple: make the most possible out of the least possible. This approach, which could be called “frugal”, seeks to create the perfect balance between form and function, whilst simultaneously optimizing responses to financial and environmental constraints inherent to every project. To reach this goal, we like to make the materials speak out for themselves, by stripping them down to their essentials. We try to wash away the drawn-on aspect of the object to rid it of any superfluous addition and reveal its emotion-inducing power.

Team 2022

Jean-Baptiste Thiriet – Christofer Cornevaux – Jonathan Tijou.


Web : Mattieu Moreau Domecq
Photography : Olivier Roller / Studio Briand Berthereau


8, rue Eugène Varlin 75010 Paris
Métro : ligne 7, arrêt Chateau Landon
Téléphone : + 33 (0)1 83 92 44 46

20, rue du couchant 56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon – ZA Kergroix
Téléphone : + 33 (0)2 97 59 87 85

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